What's up with Nick Nolte? The actor seemed a little off (at best) on the red carpet at Oscars 2012 Sunday night.

Nick Nolte is always good for a head-scratching moment of weirdness, and the actor did not disappoint as he arrived at the 84th-annual Academy Awards.

The Cape Fear star was up for a Best Supporting Actor nod (which he didn't win) for his powerful performance in Warrior, but he made more headlines for his strange behavior and weird personal appearance during his red carpet interview.

English reporter Louise Roe asked him a question to start off his remarks, and he responded that he'd reply if I could understand what you said. Though there were hundreds of fans screaming from the sidelines of the red carpet, it was pretty easy to hear that the woman had simply asked him whether he was excited to be there, referencing the comments he made during the run-up to the event suggesting that he does not get excited about award ceremonies anymore. Eventually he conceded that he was excited to be there.

But Nolte, 71, who has been nominated for three acting Oscars, still somehow continued to 'fowl' up the interview by having a hard time understanding a question about his pet crow, then responding that he actually does have a pet crow, and that it is his second such companion. Also quite odd.

Nick Nolte was sure to look the part of weirdo actor as well, wearing ultra-dark sunglasses, a rotund belly and white hair and beard that left him looking more like Saint Nick than Nick Nolte.

And once he got inside the ceremony, the fun continued, as host Billy Crystal did an impression of him that consisted of no more than a dumb look and a low growl.

Nick Nolte's appearance on the Oscars 2012 was nowhere near as embarrassing as his 2002 mugshot, in which he looked like he'd stuck his finger in a light socket, but it was still not ol' Nick's finest hour.

No matter how his appearance went, you can be sure he's laughing all the way to the bank.

We haven't been able to find a video of Nick Nolte's Oscars 2012 red carpet with sound, but below is a silent one you can watch to see how odd he was Sunday night. Pretend it's The Artist if the silence bothers you: