The royal baby is nowhere to be found, and neither is Kate Middleton. The pregnant Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has reportedly been ordered to stay inside to avoid having to brave the scalding temperatures of summer as her pregnancy continues much longer than many had anticipated. The doctors’ orders: Stay cool, and stay inside.

Like much of the U.S., London has been experiencing a vicious heat wave, with the air temperature soaring as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Because pregnancy during the summer months is already excruciating enough, the pregnant royal has been ordered to stay inside to avoid exacerbating any discomfort she may have due to the fact that she’s 9 months pregnant and supposedly past her mid-July due date.

“They are taking very careful steps to make sure Kate and the baby are OK in the heat wave,” an insider told the British Daily Star about Middleton’s doctors. “She is suffering in the heat and finds it exhausting. They don’t want anything affecting her or the unborn heir.”

The 31-year-old has been relaxing while staying close to the Lindo maternity wing at the St. Mary’s Hospital in London where she is expected to give birth, which is the perfect thing for the soon-to-be mother.

Meanwhile, a midwife warned about the dangers the sun presents to pregnant women. “It’s not good for a fetus if the mother gets too hot,” Gail Johnson, an adviser to the Royal College of Midwives, told the Daily Star. “If she overheats, the baby gets distressed and can use up the oxygen supply. The baby’s heart rate increases to ­ compensate, and that can cause concern.” Johnson added: “The mother’s fingers and feet swell up, so she should lie down and take off any tight ­jewelry. A cold compress on the wrist or back of the neck can be comforting.”

It is believed by some that Middleton might have misled people about her due date. Initial reports claimed she would give birth on July 13 or 14, but, according to a Kensington Palace insider who spoke to E News, the duchess is thought to be about two or three days past her due date at present. As a result, it appears the royal baby could come any day now.