The white teenager in Mississippi who has been charged in a race-related, hit-and-run murder of a black man is being kept in isolation in prison for his own protection.

Deryl Dedmon, 19, of Brandon, is being held in a facility in Hinds County near Jackson without bond.

He is accused of intentionally running over and killing James Craig Anderson, 46, of Jackson, with a green Ford F-250.

Due to the amount of publicity associated with this case, jail administrators made the decision to separate Mr. Dedmon from the general population and felt that in order to maintain the level of order it was in our best interest, Hinds County Sheriff's Department spokesman Lt. Jeffery Scott said Friday.

Scott declined to say whether or not Dedmon had been threatened by other inmates.

However, he noted that prisoners may have seen a video that has recently surfaced which shows the victim, Anderson, being run over.

Meanwhile, District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith upgraded the murder charge against Dedmon because Anderson allegedly was also robbed.

Smith said he is not ready to declare if he will seek the death penalty against Dedmon.

Dedmon’s alleged accomplice, John Rice, 18, has been charged with simple assault in connection with Anderson's death.

Smith has not determined if Rice will face additional charges or not.