Photos have emerged of the hotel bathtub where Whitney Houston's dead body was found, as well as one of her final meal accompanied by the alcohol that may have contributed to her death Saturday at the age of 48. All of the photos were released by 

The newest photo, showing Whitney Houston's full bathtub at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calif., apparently shows the place where she drew her last breath, and a gravy boat can be seen in the bottom of the water. TMZ reported that Houston would fill the gravy boat with olive oil when she bathed in order to keep her skin soft.

There are also two hair ties and a towel visible at the bottom of the tub in the photograph. The photograph was taken moments after police and EMTs removed Whitney's body, according to TMZ.

The other photos from the scene of Whitney's death also depict her final moments in chilling detail.

There are two TMZ photos of her last meal. The first one shows a half-eaten room service meal, accompanied by a can of Heineken beer and a flute of champagne. The second shows the floor of the hotel bathroom where she died, including water and scattered toiletries across the floor.

Another recently-released TMZ photo shows authorities wheeling her dead body out of her hotel room.

An investigation into the singer's death is ongoing, but a law enforcement official, who declined to be identified by name, spoke to about what appears to have been the cause.

It looks like it was a lethal combination of prescription drugs and alcohol, but it's still too early to rule out other causes. That's just what it's looking like now, the official told the news website.

Whitney Houston's family plans to hold a private funeral for the singer Saturday at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, N.J., where she sang as a child.