Source: Reuters

Two nights before Whitney Houston's star-studded funeral, Bobby Brown paid tribute to the late Queen of Pop at a club outside of Washington, DC.

The performance was not without controversy, however. Two YouTube commentators summed up why the show was a bit weird:

You call this a tribute? You're not serious? He barely acknowledged her. Life is life, you have to move on? She's not even buried yet. Furthermore, he's performing' while his child sits around in a hospital 2x? parentless. He's disgusting.


i saw this on tmz and actually like it i think its very bobby brown and i think she would have appreciated the sentiments, not too sure what his present wife would be thinking of the i love whitney like i love God especially when she is? sitting right in front there thinking what about me? .. MEN.

And here's the video:

Whitney's ex-husband Bobby Brown was not even guaranteed to show up at the funeral, but he was invited at the last minute, despite protests by some family members, who believed he was instrumental in getting the late singer addicted to the drugs and the lifestyle that eventually killed her.

Right after Whitney's funeral, Bobby Brown will be whisked away by private jet to perform with the New Edition at the Mohegan Sun Indian Casino in Connecticut, according to TMZ.