A man accused of kidnapping, robbing and raping a woman in Atlanta said he should not be charged with rape because he is too good-looking.

Darriuos Mathis offered the defense in court that his sex with the 24-year-old accuser was consensual because of his “good looks,” according to reports. The Daily Mail has photos of Mathis you can view here.

A previous trial in September 2013, which resulted in a mistrial, reportedly convinced one juror to side with Mathis while 11 voted to convict him.

According to KIRO TV, the victim testified in court on Wednesday, telling the story from October 2011. She said Mathis held her up at gunpoint and kidnapped her as she was leaving a CVS in Austell, Ga.

"He had told me to get in the car and I actually begged him to take my car,” she said. “I had pushed my wallet that was in my hand and my keys toward him and I was like, 'Please take my car. You can take my cards and everything.”

She said Mathis forced her to take money out of ATM machines and eventually drove her to Atlanta, where he sexually assaulted her. She said she complied to his wishes because she was afraid.

"In my mind I figured that was the best way, instead of panicking and trying to get hurt," she said.

Defense attorney Carter Clayton, however, said Mathis was in the CVS parking lot selling pain pills and she agreed to travel along while trying to buy the prescription meds.

"He walked up to her with a bottle of Vicodin and said, 'Wanna buy some pills? She said, ‘Sure, get in. We'll go to the ATM,’" Clayton said.

Along with the different account of the night, the defense team for Mathis said the woman consented to sex. They claimed the proof is his good looks, and that she gave him her phone number.

The victim, however, said she gave him her number to be compliant out of fear.

Mathis is facing kidnapping, carjacking, assault and weapons charges.