A North Georgia woman found herself in quite the uncomfortable situation during her recent visit to a Home Depot.

Illyanna De La Keur told WSB-TV in Atlanta that she became stuck to a toilet seat at the store after someone put glue on top of the lid. She is now demanding an explanation for the ill-timed incident that occurred the day before Thanksgiving. 

Speaking to WSB Monday, De La Keur said she suffered serious injuries and is demanding an explanation from the big home improvement retailer. She says she remains confined to her couch as she heals from the ordeal that is believed to have been a prank.

"I'm a grown woman who can't even sit up," De La Keur said. "I was stuck probably over an hour."

She says she was visiting the store in Banks County with her sister and brother-in-law when she went to the restroom. She did not notice that anyone had placed glue on the seat until it was too late. Paramedics were called help free her. They ended up having to use WD-40 to remove her from the seat, leaving De La Keur with ripped skin and numerous wounds. Her sister captured the painful incident on video that can be seen here.

"I couldn't understand why they weren't just taking me to an emergency room and having a doctor remove it," De La Keur told the station. She says her family is now concerned that she did not get proper medical care in the painful removal. 

A representative from Home Depot said the company mailed De La Keur a letter as well as left two voicemails with her. The rep added that the case is now being handled by a third party.