A $20 tip left a New York City garbageman facing a jobless start to the year.

Lenworth Dixon, 56, of Queens was forced to retire from his position with the New York City Department of Sanitation after he was discovered taking tip from a resident on his route, report the New York Daily News. The $20 tip resulted in Dixon being forced to retire and fined $1,500 by the city. The ruling was announced on Jan. 3.

Dixon was offered the tip after he moved a heavy amount of wood and other items from the front of a home, detailed officials. The city's Conflict of Interest board ruled the tip acceptance as a violation of the city's ethics rules. But it hasn't been revealed exactly how it was revealed that Dixon had taken the tip.

“It is a harsh punishment, but they don’t tolerate taking money from the public,” said Harry Nespoli, president of the Sanitation Workers Union. “We’re not allowed to take any money, even at Christmas time. We don’t work for the Post Office.”

Dixon is a father of three and had been a sanitation worker for 24 years, says the Daily News.