On Saturday, Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg married his long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan at his home in front of around 100 guests. Zuckerberg then changed his Facebook profile status to Married, making public his marriage and sparking a wave of renewed interest in his new bride.

So who is Priscilla Chan?

Chan, 27, met Zuckerberg while waiting in line for the bathroom at a party nine years ago, according to Business Insider. The two were students at Harvard at the time.

In 2005, when Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to work on Facebook full-time, Chan was described as a friend by the Harvard Crimson. On Saturday, that friendship culminated in a marriage.

Chan was born in Braintree, Mass. She graduated as valedictorian of the Quincy High School Class of 2003, according to the Patriot Ledger.

She went on to study biology at Harvard. After graduating in 2007, she worked as a fourth- and fifth-grade science teacher in San Jose, Calif. In 2008, she entered medical school at the University of California, San Francisco.

Last Monday, the day Zuckerberg turned 28, Chan graduated from UCSF. The couple's wedding was meant to coincide with her graduation, not Facebook's initial public offering, which took place on Friday, a guest told the Associated Press.

Chan's Facebook profile reveals the following information about her:

- Loves cooking and soft things

- likes the food network, warm places, sun dried tomatoes and diet a&w

- speaks Cantonese and Spanish

- likes the quote Teach me, and I will forget. Show me, and I will remember. Involve me, and I will understand.

- has a Puli, a type of Hungarian sheepdog, named Beast