Tomi Lahren, a news anchor for TheBlaze, made a name for herself during a segment in which she criticized President Barack Obama following a Chattanooga, Tennessee, terrorist attack that killed four U.S. Marines and one Navy sailor. She caused another media firestorm recently when she slammed Beyoncé for her performance at Super Bowl 50. Continue reading to find out more about Lahren.

1. She’s a native of South Dakota. Lahren, 23, grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota. She has always had a penchant for politics and would watch the nightly news with her family. “I cannot tell you how many times I would pause the show to give my two cents,” she told the Rapid City Journal in September 2014. “You name it, we talked about it.”

2. She was given her own show on One America News Network after she applied for an internship. She explained to the RCJ: “After our tour we went back to [broadcasting head] Robert Herring's office. He asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I would literally 'do whatever.' I just wanted the opportunity. He looked at me and said, 'How about your own show?' My jaw dropped. I was stunned. I just wanted an internship. He gave me a show.”

3. Lahren comes from a family of Marines. “I grew up in the Midwest. I grew up in South Dakota. My family is patriotic. I'm an everyday American. What I would like to get out there is that everyday Americans feel this way,” she said, according to Britain's Daily Mail.

4. She thinks she talks about issues Americans want to discuss, but don’t have the platform for doing so. “They're thinking it in their minds, they're seeing it on TV. They're telling it to their friends and family. They're saying it at the dinner table. And I was just the one that came out and said it on a platform and it resonated,” she told Fox News in July.

5. She slammed Beyoncé’s fans, also known as the BeyHive, after they attacked her. "Don't you dare come at me with hour hate and hour call to violence and your threats on my life and tell me racism is a one-way street,” she said in viral Facebook video Wednesday.

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