Sport's Illustrated swimsuit covergirl Kate Upton's recent commercial for Zoo York has been banned by MTV and Adult Swim and for good reasons! Though it has been deemed too provocative for TV, those with a form of social conscious (and taste for that matter) understand that it offensive to women. Aside from that, who wants to see various close up shots of NYC cockroaches? As a commercial in general, the ad doesn't actually make much sense. It's very unclear unclear what the point of it is. 

The roaches exchange some pretty unfunny dialogue and watch Upton run in slow motion (what an original concept). So what did the 19-year old model have to say about all this? Not much it seems:

This was such a funny commercial! Who knew cockroaches were so racy and hilarious? Definitely a must-see!  

Hmm, guess she has no clue how ridiculous the campaign is. The ad is set to hit cable and the web in April, but if MTV and Adult Swim, two networks known for envelope pushing content, won't play the ad...who will? watch the ad for yourself and discern whether in warrants any airplay whatsoever.