A goose that was living with an arrow in its breast for months will soon be able to blend in with other geese. Michigan wildlife officials were able to successfully remove the arrow from the goose, two months after the bizarre injury was discovered.

The Canada goose was able to fly without difficulty and seemed to be healthy aside from having an arrow in its breast, reports MLive.com. It established a nest in downtown Bay City, and residents reported the wound to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. After the initial reports, DNR officials were able to observe the goose flying without difficulty and opted against removing the arrow from the waterfowl.

As officials began to tag geese in the area, in order to track and monitor migration, the DNR once again encountered the speared goose and decided to finally remove the arrow. The wounded bird just happened to be in the same area where the biologists were working, notes MLive.com. The wound around the arrow was completely healed and the officials determined the removal would not hurt it.

According to Holly Vaughn, a DNR "wildlife outreach technician," the goose seemed oblivious to the arrow and the removal. It just went on its merry way. It appears to be completely unharmed by the whole process,” said Vaughn. After the arrow was removed, biologists banded the goose and set it free.

The goose was first spotted in April and officials believe it was shot after the hunting season. It is legal in Michigan to hunt geese with a bow and arrow with a license in season, which ended in December, reports MLive.com. In the initial report of the wounded goose, Sandy Miner, a wildlife rehabilitator, said she received numerous calls from concerned residents about it.