Casey Anthony, hated child murder-accused, could soon be indexed differently -- from law to entertainment.

If Casey says yes to a fabulous offer from porn publisher Larry Flynt, she could soon add to her rarefied fan kitty thousands, if not millions, of voyeuristic admirers.

The Hustler magazine has offered her $500,000 if she would pose naked for it. Will she accept the offer and finally see some real money in the bank? When she walked out of jail earlier this month, after having been acquitted of murdering her child Caylee, she barely had a hundred dollars left in the account.

According to media reports, she has been demanding a million dollar in return for exclusive media interviews. Her story will certainly have people riveted to the TV screen though she is still officially the most hated woman in America.

Now, Hustler publisher Flynt is on a mission to present the highest rated hate object in a way more pleasing to the eye, as if it were!

"I just recently got off of a book tour where dozens of people would come up to me in Philadelphia, Austin, Houston, they'd say, 'Why haven't you made an offer to Casey Anthony?'" Reuters reported Flynt as saying.

This removed his early concerns that people may not like to watch more of Casey, with or without clothes.

Now Flynt is convinced. Apart from half a million dollars, he would also give her a share of the returns from the magazine sale. But even Flynt says only some "sick individuals" would like to see her naked. But he says the work of some good hair stylist and make-up artist could make the 25-year-old look “fabulous”.

Casey does indeed care about how she looks. While in prison, following her acquittal, rare admires had wired her little amounts of money. She spent most of this on make-up stuff. And when she stepped out of prison, she had a new hair style.