The snowman from “Frozen” is one of the most beloved characters from the latest Disney blockbuster. And now that “Frozen” will also become a Broadway musical, the actor who portrayed Olaf the snowman in the movie, Josh Gad, is in talks to reprise his role on stage, reported.

Jennifer Lee, the writer/director of the fifth highest-grossing film of all time, who is currently working on the musical adaptation, said that it's her “dream” to see Gad return to Broadway. But rather than return as the humorous Elder Cunningham, who he portrayed in the "The Book of Mormon," Gad would be donning a snowman suit this time around -- if he can be convinced.

"We need to all encourage him to get into a giant snowman suit to get comfortable with [it]," she said. The actor, who is in high-demand, hasn’t rule out the idea entirely, she said.

“Frozen: The Musical” doesn’t have an opening date, so it looks like Gad has time to decide whether he wants to be a snowman again. Yet maybe he can be persuaded with some new “Frozen” music. Lee said she was working on some extra songs just for the Broadway edition.

"Our goal is we want to do something new that transcends the film and becomes its own thing,” Lee told “There's a potential to do something grander. It is a cold story, but we have to find some warmth." 

When asked if producers would turn down the thermostat and hand out mittens and hats, Lee responded, “"I hadn't thought of that.” And then added: "But I like that. You've got me thinking." 

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