The Beauchamps are back and fighting evil in East End once again. However, Season 2 of "Witches of East End" is making it a little harder to tell who is a friend to the witches ... and who is an enemy. Here are four of the big surprises that you may have missed in Season 2 episode 1, “A Moveable Beast”:

Joanna’s son cured her -- The Beauchamps killed Penelope last year, but not before Penelope poisoned Joanna. Victor had stayed by her bedside and treated her by putting leeches in her body. Victor lied about her condition to Ingrid and Freya, but Wendy knew that Joanna was dying. Victor left to find a cure in South America, but a cure actually came knocking on her door.

Frederick, Joanna’s son, came shortly after Victor left and transferred the poison into his own body. He claimed to have immunity after having so many run ins with the poison in Asgard. He came through the portal to Asgard when it was opened in last season’s finale. Even though they're family and he healed Joanna, Wendy doesn’t trust him. Wendy argued that it's been hundreds of years since they last saw each other. Yet Joanna disagreed with Wendy and argued that Frederick is different after hundreds of years -- He could be good now. 

Dash’s hallucinations -- After knocking his brother Killian unconscious, and putting him on a boat off to sea, Dash doesn’t know if Killian is dead or alive. However he's definitely hoping for the former. He saw Killian everywhere he turned and had to remind himself that Killian was just a hallucination. Dash was still feeling the burn from his breakup with Freya (who wanted to be with Killian) and argued with his hallucination that he hoped Killian really was dead. Yet if it were that easy for Dash to accept his brother’s death, he probably wouldn’t be having these hallucinations. Dash even got an MRI to figure out why he is hallucinating --His only discovery was that he and Ingrid have the same peculiar brain structure.

Killian is alive -- After a tarot reading with Wendy, Freya knew that Killian was alive. But she didn’t know how to find him. Viewers see Killian alive and well, having washed up on the shore of a tropical destination .... with a woman named Eva who is apparently nursing him back to health. He is better now, so she suggested heading home. However Killian has other plans.

“I don’t want to go home," he tells Eva. "Nothing for me there.”

And that's not all. He and Eva shared a passionate kiss, which made it pretty clear that he has no intention of returning to East End.

The other man in the woods -- Ingrid is sleepwalking. In the beginning of the episode, she noted that she had woken up outside three times that week with no recollection of how she got there. She didn’t seem overly concerned about it, but she definitely should be .... since she is spending her nights in the woods with a man with tentacles. Walking up to him, she asks: “Do you need me to feed you?” He answers by sliding his tentacles under her dress and sharing a passionate kiss.  

"Witches of East End" airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime. Were there any other moments that shocked you? Let us know in the comments!