A 69-year-old woman tried to cut off her husband's penis with a pair of scissors, stated Palm Spring Police, according to The Associated Press.

On Saturday night, the police received a phone call from the woman's 62-year-old husband. He claimed his wife Virginia Valdez tried to cut off his penis with a pair of scissors. The police found the scissors and arrested Valdez.

The man was treated at a hospital for injuries and has been released. Valdez was released Sunday. Her bond was $100,000 and she faces hearing next month, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Valdez was charged with mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon and felony domestic violence. Palm Springs Police Sgt. Kyle Stjerne said the police are unsure of Valdez's motive for the alleged attack.

The couple has been married 32 years, according to Stjerne.

Back in July, 48-year-old Catherine Kieu Becker was accused of drugging her estranged husband with a tofu dish, tying him to bed, and cutting off his penis with a 10-inch knife.

She then allegedly threw the severed penis in the garbage disposal, called the police and told them her husband deserved it.

Kieu Becker was charged with torture and aggravated mayhem. She pled not guilty in September. 

Mayhem, a charge levy against acts like those allegedly committed by Kieu Becker and Valdez, refers to the crime of intentional maiming.