When in doubt, blame the Illuminati: That’s the motto followed by many netizens. When Spain, the defending World Cup champions, were eliminated on Wednesday, many Twitterati accused the satanic cult.

The Illuminati are alleged to be a secretive group associated with the Freemasons, or, according to some descriptions, satanists. Illuminati rumors are one of the hottest topics on the Web, so it wasn’t very shocking that the I-word was thrown around after Spain didn’t advance.

But the Illuminati rumors didn’t just start when Spain lost; they've been there since the World Cup kicked off. UFO-Blogger.com noted all the different types of apparent Illuminati symbolism in the FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Song "We Are One (Ole Ola).” Nearly 20 different “examples” were pointed out by the site's creator.

An Illuminati symbol usually has to do with triangles. For this user, whether it was a crack in the wall, the pattern on Jennifer Lopez’s shorts or the way Pitbull moved his hands, these were all alleged representations of the cult.

Buzzfeed joined in on the Illuminati speculation, though in a tongue-in-cheek manner. The news site, which is famous for its lists and quizzes, pointed out all the random geometric figures that could be found in the 2014 World Cup Brazil.

It has gotten to the point where some people like to poke fun at the alleged cult, since nearly anything -- with a little help from Photoshop -- can be turned into a triangle and therefore turned into an Illuminati symbol.

Whether you believe in the Illuminati or not, there are thousands of conspiracy theorists who probably relishing the various ways that symbols of the cult can be found throughout the 2014 World Cup. 

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