Heroes of Azeroth, it’s once again time to fight for your homeland. World Of Warcraft’s sixth expansion in Blizzard’s long-running fantasy MMO, Legion , officially launched today. Players from all over the world have been pumped to fight the green hordes of the Legion and finally get the chance to play as one of the most badass classes in the game, a Demon Hunter. If you don’t know much about WOW or want to see someone else play it first, there are a bunch of players streaming on Twitch to see what the big deal is.

Don’t let Deathwing keep you from a fun game, here are the top three Twitch streamers playing World Of Warcraft: Legion.

Sodapoppin - Twitch’s golden boy himself, Sodapoppin is the biggest streamer currently on the platform. His “troll” attitude and understanding of the games he plays bring tens of thousands of viewers to his channel everyday. Over the last few days he’s been grinding up a lower level character so that it will be ready to try out all the new end-game content in Legion. Don’t be surprised if some drama breaks out while you’re watching his stream though, his fan base loves it and he encourages it.

Sodapoppin is streaming for 24 hours for today only, so check him out right now.

Reckful - One of my favorite streamers to watch, Reckful is one of the oldest and most successful players on Twitch. He’s a down-to-earth guy who just enjoys playing video games and messing around. If you are looking for someone relaxing who knows exactly what they’re talking about, Reckful is your guy.

Right now, Reckful is playing League of Legends , but I’m sure he’s going to jump straight into Legion . He started streaming on World of Warcraft and there’s no way he’s not going to give his fans a chance to span “residentsleeper” in chat.

LIRIK - Another extremely successful streamer, LIRIK usually enjoys streaming whatever game is popular at the time. Right now he’s playing through the entirety of Legion , all of the expansion’s content, from start to finish. He heavily favors Twitch chat, so if you don’t enjoy hearing memes or know what a “pogchamp” is, he might be best to avoid. Still, if you are a regular Twitch user or want to know more about Twitch chat and what they are saying, LIRIK is your guy.  

LIRIK is also doing a 24-hour stream for Legion , so if you want something a little less dramatic than Soda or more serious than Reckful, you know where to go.