Worldwide OLED first quarter revenue fell 8 percent, according to DisplaySearch on Tuesday but its AMOLED revenue was up to 17 percent in the quarter.

It took a major decline of $143 million in the fiscal first quarter of its OLED display, along with its leading PAMOLED display market impacted by low demand in MP3 and mobile phone sub-display applications.

“As we forecasted, AMOLED revenue surpassed PMOLED revenue in Q1’09, and AMOLED is likely to pass PMOLEDs in terms of unit shipments in 2010, the company said. And plans to upgrade 20 new AMOLED displays to its installed lines and will upgrade worldwide by 2013.”

Its AMOLED revenue increases drove by strong demand in mobile phones particularly Samsung Electronics which takes 37 percent of its market share.

However, the firm now projected OLED market to grow $7.1 billion by 2016, from $0.6 billion in 2008.