WWE RAW Grumpy Cat will make an appearance on the Nov. 17 episode of WWE "RAW." Photo: WWE / Facebook

WWE “RAW” is gearing up for a night of surprises. With no official matches scheduled and a ton of work to do for both teams before Sunday’s pay-per-view Survivor Series, the Monday show is not one that fans will want to miss.

The WWE will welcome a rather unusual guest star to “RAW.” None other than Grumpy Cat herself is scheduled for a brief event during Monday’s episode to promote the Lifetime Channel original movie, “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.” The film airs Nov. 29 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

This week’s episode of "RAW" is a bit shrouded in mystery with no information confirmed other than the appearance of Grumpy Cat. The show will mostly focus on filling out the matches for the pay-per-view Survivor Series on Sunday, according to Wrestlezone. So far only three matches have been announced for the event.

Bleacher Report speculates that the show will feature Ryback prominently. Monday night will most likely be the night that the wrestler decides whether to join Team Cena or turn his back on everyone else in the main event of Survivor Series. After a fierce battle with Kane on SmackDown, Ryback will clearly not be falling in line with The Authority. Still, as WWE’s five-point preview notes, he’s not the biggest fan of John Cena, so it’s unclear where he’ll go from here.

It’s worth mentioning that, per Mr. McMahon’s rule, if Team Authority loses to Team Cena at Survivor Series, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will have to relinquish control of the WWE. Failing to recruit Ryback means they’ll need to find another wrestler to fill out their ranks for the big five-versus-five event.

Next on the docket for WWE "RAW" is Dean Ambrose's retaliation to Bray Watt’s ambush from Friday night. The two superstars clashed during a back stage interview that left Ambrose on his back. Since he's not one to take something like this lying down, Monday would be a good night for some retaliation before the two meet in the Survivor Series.

Monday’s show takes place at the Beglund Center Coliseum in Roanoke, Virginia. WWE "RAW" airs live at 8 p.m. EST on USA Network. Stars promised include: Grumpy Cat, Triple H, John Cena, Ryback, AJ Lee and Stephanie McMahon. There are precious few events left before Sunday’s big bout, so fans should tune in if they want to know all the contenders.