Xerox unveils its top of the line ColorQube series printer, a ground-breaking high-speed solid ink multifunction printer that can reduce cost and energy

Xerox ColorQube series is a multi-function device that prints, copies, scans and faxes, and is designed to be shared over a computer network by several dozen people in an office. It features large color touch screen, standard paper capacity of 3,300 sheets, 100-sheet ADF, front door access illuminated by LED lights, Intelligent Ready system that cycles the series into sleep modes, PANTONE color and advanced security features.

The new printer can cut color printing cost with its new Hybrid Color pricing plans customers will pay for only the amount of color they use per page. A colored print can cost up to eight cents a page compared to a penny a page for black and white that’s why many companies restrict the use of color printers because of high costs but with the new printer, Xerox says printing color using ColorQube printer, which uses a proprietary “solid ink” technology, will be up to 62% cheaper than the price of current laser prints. The company even setup a new site with the launch of this series so that customers can compare their current costs to what the ColorQube might cost them.

“The goal here is to try to break the price barrier and get more customers to use color,” said Ursula Burns, Xerox’s president. “We’re trying to replace a lot of black-and-white machines.” Ms. Burns said that only 15% of the 2.25 trillion pages printed in offices world-wide last year were in color.

Beyond the cost cutting impacts, the new printer is also an environment friendly.

Xerox says that ColorQube 9200 series, “uses 9 percent less lifecycle energy and produces 10 percent fewer greenhouse gases” sighting the study done by by the Rochester Institute of Technology. It uses Xerox’s solid ink technology able to reduce waste by 90 percent compared to a laser printer using toner cartridges.

The ColorQube series starts at $23,500 and Xerox is taking orders for the new machines in North America now. The new ColorQube series is available in three models: the 9201, 9202, and 9203.