Hordes of Yankees fans flooded to the Yankee Parade 2009 in New York City's downtown on Friday to take part of the team's 27th World Series Title celebration.

The fans that showed up at the parade were excited that a nine year wait for the title ended. Most of them dressed in Yankees jerseys, cabs and some painted their faces with the iconic N.Y. letters in blue. Some fans took the day off from work and others pulled out their children from school to attend. Teens pulled themselves out from school.

Neither the cold weather nor the crowds stopped them from shouting and cheering the players as they road in floats along Broadway Street as confetti rained down.


Yankee fans are seen standing on Broadway Street for the first Yankees Parade in nine years. (Photo:IBTimes)

It was awesome, it was just like coming back in 1998,1999 and 2000, the last four parades that the Yankees had and it's been nine years since the last one, Jerry Lewis from New York said of the parade to which he attended with his 9-year-old son. It's been so long that everybody enjoyed it.

That's been fun, worth the wait, Virginia Birne from New York said. She pulled her three children from school. Comeback next year there's got to be another one.


Yankee's fans hold signs at the Yankee Parade 2009 in New York City's downtown. (Photo:IBTimes)

New York Yankees player Derek Jeter is seen waving fans at the Yankee Parade 2009. (Photo:IBTimes)

Each of the players were also given the Key to the City in a ceremony hosted at New York's City Hall. Mayor Michael Bloomberg praised the Yankees for being the franchise to win more championships than any other franchise in the United States.

This was a club that never gave up even when things were down, Yankees' manager Joe Girardi told the crowd at the ceremony. The only thing greater than this celebration is doing it two years in a row.

Rapper Jay-Z closed the ceremony with a performance of Empire State of Mind.


Yankee fans watch Yankee players as they are introduced one by one to the ceremony at City Hall on Friday. (Photo:IBTimes)

Fans watch the ceremony at City Hall from a screen. (Photo:IBTimes)

Two traders of the New York Stock Exchange take a break to watch the Yankees Parade 2009 in New York City. (Photo:IBTimes)