Food review site Yelp has gotten a little more helpful in your search for the perfect meal. 
As part of its new Yelp Platform program, the site now offers users the ability to order food delivery or takeout directly from the site. This can be done either through a desktop computer or via the site's mobile phone app. 
The new option is currently available through a "select number of restaurants" but ordering meals from the site will soon be available "for delivery or pickup at thousands of local restaurants across the U.S., directly from those businesses’ Yelp listings," said Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman in a blog post
The site also plans to roll out the ability to "let you make spa, yoga, salon and dentist appointments in the coming months."
"It'll be a one-stop shop where you can skim through reviews and pencil in an appointment without ever leaving a browser tab (or mobile app)."
This news comes on the heels of the announcement food-delivery favorites GrubHub and Seamless will be merging. 
According to ABC News, last year, both companies made a combined total of more than $100 million in revenue. This came after they sent exactly $875 million in food sales to restaurants that use their sites.