Keeping a laptop for more than three years can cost a thousand dollar according to a study conducted by technology consulting firm J.Gold Associates.

A laptop standard span life is up to three years but for many companies to save money they extend the replacement of laptops up to five years and they think they save money by foregoing the the replacement of laptops after the laptops life span which is a costly mistake.

The decision to save money by keeping laptops cost more; the study found that extending the use of a laptop two years after its life span can cost companies more than $1,000 per machine in repair costs, which is more than it would cost to purchase replacements.

Aside from cost matter, the study also shows that through a two-year period - companies suffer from decreased end-user productivity, which the study found can cost the company an additional $9,600 per laptop user.

Recently, Wipro Product Strategy and Services also release a research study showing company who wishes to save money by keeping old computer cost more. The research study conducted by Wipro Product Strategy and Services sponsored by Intel Corp. which is titled as “Cost Effective Strategies for the Times” figured how businesses can save more with a new technology than keeping old system, a whopping 52% savings can be reap with a new PCs compare to a 4year old System.

In conclusion, both research, shows that in year 4, support costs are higher than the cost of a new Mobile or Desktop PCs and a delaying refresh also results in delaying the rollout of new management and security capabilities which further impacts the cost of supporting existing systems.