Users of credit cards may wish to compare their current annual percentage rates to national averages for card categories tracked by

The national average APR was down to 12.60 percent this week, according to a report released on Thursday. A released chart shows rates are down compared to the six-months ago period. The average is calculated from 95 of the most popular credit cards in the country, according to the website, which is affiliated with various credit card companies and banks around the U.S.

A separate credit card survey of 39 cards conducted from March through May earlier this year from consumer advocacy group Consumer Action found the average APR average was 12.83 percent. found the average six months ago was 12.35 percent.

Credit Card Rate Averages (Source: on Oct 15, 2009)

                              Avg. APR / Last week / 6 months ago
 National Average 12.60% 12.64% 12.35%
Business 9.69% 9.80% 16.74%
Low Interest 11.92% 12.10% 12.05%
Cash Back 12.36% 12.36% 13.90%
Reward 12.76% 12.61% 12.19%
Balance Transfer 13.10% 13.10% 10.80%
Instant Approval 13.32% 13.32% 11.49%
Airline 13.60% 13.97% 14.44%
Bad Credit 14.29% 14.29% 11.79%
Student 14.45% 14.45% 14.90%

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