• Alisson Becker has recovered from his shoulder injury weeks ahead of schedule
  • Jurgen Klopp is currently struggling with multiple players injured from his roster
  • Becker and Liverpool will play Midtjylland on Tuesday

Veteran goalie Alisson Becker chose to defy the initial prognosis on his injured shoulder to suit up for the ailing Liverpool in the game versus Sheffield United last Saturday.

The damage on his shoulder ligament was originally expected to keep him out of action for up to six weeks, but he managed to recover just in time as Liverpool lost another player in superstar center-back Virgil van Dijk to injury.

Becker attributed his quick recovery to intensive physiotherapy and his mental toughness.

“I pray a lot. Seriously, I pray a lot,” Alisson told the Guardian. “Also I did a lot of sessions of treatment. I was every day for five or six hours at the club, getting treatment with the physios, working with the fitness department, and after two weeks, I was able to be together with the goalie coaches again."

According to Becker, there were certain hurdles on his road to recovery that he had to overcome. He admitted that it was no easy feat.

“I wasn’t able to dive, but then after two and a half weeks, I started to dive. Then, three days before the game, I start to work hard – facing hard shots, doing full-range diving, so then on Friday, I gave the green light to the boss. I believe my faith and working hard helped me in this fast recovery,” the former Copa America winner recalled.

Though he got the clearance to play again, Becker revealed that he still feels a bit of tenderness on his shoulder.

“Every injury you have on the ligament, whether it is your ankle, your shoulder, or your knee, you still feel something weird. It’s not pain, but you feel it for a couple of weeks," he shared.

"It’s nothing that puts limits on my way to play. I’m really 100 percent able to play, and I am comfortable with that."

Becker's comeback is undoubtedly a beautiful melody to hear for Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klop as he tries his best to fill in the void left by the likes of van Dijk on the pitch.

Tasked to secure the penalty box for Liverpool once more, it's a no-brainer that Klopp will rely on Becker's defensive presence in their match against Midtjylland in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday.

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