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Business Lookahead: jobs, prices and AI

Business Lookahead: Jobs, Prices And AI

From U.S. jobs numbers that could give the Fed pause for thought, to signs the AI bandwagon is picking up speed, these are the big stories to watch out for in business and finance in the coming days. Rachel Faber has the details.
  • A family walks past a store advertising a Black Friday sale near Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, Virginia

    US Economic Uncertainty Means Bigger 'Black Friday' Discounts

  • The riot erupted after a stabbing attack that injured three children

    Dublin Riot Highlights 'Far-Right' Agitation Over Ireland Immigration

  • Taiwan Strait: Chinese ship 'cuts off U.S. destroyer'

    Taiwan Strait: Chinese Ship 'Cuts Off US Destroyer'

  • Dashcam video captures missile falling near Kyiv car

    Dashcam Video Captures Missile Falling Near Kyiv Car

  • Saudi pledges big oil cuts in July

    Saudi Pledges Big Oil Cuts In July