• An American tennis player could be the next Maria Sharapova
  • A tournament director believes the next Sharapova could be a tennis star of the next decade
  • Amanda Anisimova said the real Sharapova is a good person even outside tennis

An American tennis rising star is being compared to Maria Sharapova.

Amanda Anisimova, who is currently ranked no. 29 by the Women’s Tennis Association, has been drawing comparisons to Sharapova. Though it is a bit too early to make such bold comparisons, Anisimova is already presenting a strong case to be the legend’s successor.

Aside from having the looks Sharapova has, Anisimova also has some credentials that make her worthy to be compared to “The Siberian Siren.” In fact, tournament director Karl Budge, who has expressed his excitement over Anisimova’s talents, said that the world is about to witness how the American tennis star could follow the footsteps of Sharapova in no time.

According to Budge, the world’s no. 29 already has a similar playing style to tennis icon Sharapova. He also emphasized the fact that both Sharapova and Anisimova are managed by the same person and that they both train in Bradenton, Florida.

Ultimately, Budge predicted that Anisimova’s current stand at the world of tennis will lead her to stardom in the next decade, Tennis Tonic reported.

“She is very Maria Sharapova-esque and is managed by the same manager. Amanda trains in Bradenton in Florida the same way Maria did and there are a lot of similarities there. She has a very cool demeanour and a big powerful game and another one of these players you will see at the pointy end of women’s tennis for the next decade,” Budge pointed out.

As for Anisimova, she does not mind being compared to an icon. However, the way she always acknowledges the legacy and impeccable skills of Sharapova hints that Anisimova is overwhelmed by the huge compliment.

During this year’s Australian Open, Anisimova mentioned how influential Sharapova was to her growing up. In an exclusive interview with The Tennis Time, Anisimova revealed her admiration towards Sharapova as an athlete. She even stated that the tennis all-time great is a “good person” in and outside the court.

“I came here very confident, I knew that everything was possible, but I didn’t look beyond the nearest match. Winning the first round was awesome. I hope to win the next one, but this is already a great success,” Anisimova said.

“I like Maria since childhood. She is a great example to follow. I always liked to watch her matches and her interviews. She is also a good person in life. I love her,” Anisimova said about Sharapova.

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