Members of the hacktivist collective Anonymous have announced plans to launch a cyberattack targeting the international oil and gas industry this week. The group has said that the attacks, dubbed Operation Petrol, are slated for June 20 and will involve the United States, Canada, England, Israel, Russia, China and Saudi Arabia.

In a video announcing plans for the attack, Anonymous described their motivation as political. They took Saudi Arabia to task for allegedly “betraying” Muslims by basing oil prices on United States currency.

“Petrol is sold with the dollar currency of the U.S. We find this unacceptable because the oil should be sold at the country of origin, making petrol a lot less expensive than what you, the citizens, is paying for it [sic],” a video released by the organization stated. “Saudi Arabia, you have betrayed your fellow believers with your cooperation with these greedy foreigners, causing much pressures on families from around the world. You allowed this to happen.”

The video went on to criticize the United States, alleging that it “is known for creating war for the purpose of stealing Gold, stealing Oil and stealing Opium which they are doing in Afghanistan still to this day, but you are not aware of this, because your media are not allowed to tell you because of the censorship ban in place about this.”

According to The Hill, Anonymous’ attack comes amid European Commission investigations into oil price manipulation by companies like BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Statoil. "Due to the recent negative press regarding alleged price fixing, it is assumed that BP, Royal Dutch Shell and the price-reporting agency Platts will be at the top of the target list," cyber-security company CyByl said in an interview with Platts.

View the Anonymous video below.