Clemson football
Clemson proved they can be a national title contender in Week 1. Reuters

After just one week of college football, the Associated Press rankings have seen a lot of changes from the preseason. Only three of the top 10 teams are in the same spot, and just eight of the Top 25 haven’t changed positions.

The biggest winner of the weekend may have been Clemson. The Tigers moved from No.8 to No.4 overall with their win over previously ranked No.5 Georgia. Before the contest, the Bulldogs received a vote for the top spot in the poll and were considered the favorites to challenge Alabama in the SEC. Now, Clemson has emerged as a potential national title contender, becoming one of three teams to earn a vote for No.1 overall.

Alabama is just two votes away from being the unanimous No.1 team in the country. They received 58 of a potential 60 votes for the top spot. The two-time defending champs handled Virginia Tech easily 35-10 on Saturday.

Ohio State, the other team to get a vote for the No.1 spot, actually fell from No.2 to No.3. Oregon has emerged as the favorite to compete with Alabama for the BCS National Championship. No FBS Division 1-A team was more dominant this past weekend, as the Ducks beat Nicholls State 66-3.

Week 2 AP Rankings

  1. 1) Alabama
  2. 2) Oregon
  3. 3) Ohio State
  4. 4) Clemson
  5. 5) Stanford
  6. 6) South Carolina
  7. 7) Texas A&M
  8. 8) Louisville
  9. 9) LSU
  10. 10) Florida State
  11. 11) Georgia
  12. 12) Florida
  13. 13) Oklahoma State
  14. 14) Notre Dame
  15. 15) Texas
  16. 16) Oklahoma
  17. 17) Michigan
  18. 18) UCLA
  19. 19) Northwestern
  20. 20) Washington
  21. 21) Wisconsin
  22. 22) Nebraska
  23. 23) Baylor
  24. 24) TCU
  25. 25) USC