The timing of Van Persie's outburst is surprising.
The timing of Van Persie's outburst is surprising. Reuters

Arsenal striker Robin van Persie has unleashed an incredible expletive-ridden verbal attack on the Spanish national team and fellow Premier League side Chelsea, telling them to carry on with the football and abstain from 'bitching' at the referee.

In a sudden outbreak, Van Persie claimed that he couldn't comprehend the behavior of certain players who indulge in pressurizing the officials to get decision in their favor.

After his side's Champions League last-16 round loss to Barcelona, RVP had attacked the Catalans for the same reason. However, he has chosen an unlikely time, since the club-season has come to end, to have a go at the world cup winning Spanish national team, and fellow Premier League contenders Chelsea.

He told Sport 1, They (Spain players) always go up to referees in an attempt to get an opponent booked. They are trying to screw colleagues! That kind of behavior really annoys me. People who are watching the game on television and fans really do not want to see these kind of things. If you want to witness a lot of complaints, you should just go the bakery or something. There's always people nagging there as well.

Chelsea players are always bitching against the referees. I really cannot understand that. Just shut the f*** up and focus on playing football.

Van Persie has a fairly inflated view of himself though, as far as his Arsenal teammate Jack Wilshere's comments are concerned. Wilshere was of the opinion that Arsenal needed to pressurize the ref more than they currently do, citing Van Persie as the only Arsenal player who shouts at the officials.

Wilshere said on Wednesday, It's no use just Robin van Persie going because it looks like it's just him having a go at the ref. If we all get round him (referee)...