Arsenal's collapse from the point where they were in the hunt for four titles to the current situation where they have to be content with yet another trophy-less season, has seen fingers pointed at the group of players and their lack of experience. However, manager Arsene Wenger has rushed to their defence saying it is he who should be blamed.

A late goal at Bolton saw the gunners succumb to a 2-1 defeat which meant they face a deficit of nine points to leaders Manchester United with four games remaining, and have only a mathematical possibility of winning the title. It increasingly looks like Arsenal's trophy drought will go into its seventh year and fingers have been pointed to his squad's lack of maturity and experience.

Wenger admitted his side lacked the experience but refused to be drawn into criticism them publicly. Instead, he defended them passionately and put his own reputation in line for their sake.

He said, I feel the players have had an outstanding attitude this season. They are not to blame. If somebody is to blame, it's me. I pick the team. It's very unsatisfactory because it's one of the easiest run-ins we've had for a long time and we didn't take our chances many times. That's frustrating because you feel the potential is there but you have to take your chances.

We still lack maturity, experience and calm in important situations.''

Wenger went on, admitting that their chances of reaching the summit of the league were minuscule but also refusing to stop fighting.

The chances are very minimal now, that is for sure, but we have to continue to fight. We dropped too many points. It is very frustrating because we should have come home with nine points this week and we came back with two. It's a bit the story of our season.''