Aston Villa-s Reo-Coker fails to score past Chelsea-s Cech during their English Premier League soccer match in Birmingham.
Aston Villa-s Reo-Coker fails to score past Chelsea-s Cech during their English Premier League soccer match in Birmingham. Reuters

Team news:

United will miss Paul Scholes through suspension. Hargreaves, Owen, Rafael, Rooney and Valencia are all injured while Anderson, Gibson, Evra and Giggs are doubtful.

Villa's injury problems mean at least nine players will remain in the treatment room for this match. Carew, Cuellar, Delph, Heskey, Petrov, Reo-Coker, Sidwell and Weimann are all injured while Beye remains doubtful.

Aston Villa: Friedel, Luke Young, Dunne, Collins, Warnock, Albrighton, Hogg, Bannan, Downing, Ashley Young, Agbonlahor.

Subs: Guzan, Delfouneso, Osbourne, Lichaj, Herd, Lowry, Johnson.

Man Utd: Van der Sar, Brown, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Park, Fletcher, Carrick, Nani, Hernandez, Berbatov.

Subs: Amos, Smalling, Fabio Da Silva, O'Shea, Obertan, Macheda, Gibson.

Referee: Mike Dean

1 Min: IBTimes - Villa have a young, young side here. You'd expect United with their class and experience to ride over them. But you can never underestimate youthful exuberance.

4 Min: IBTimes - Gerard Houlier has a good record against Sir Alex. The Frenchman got five wins over Sir Alex's United, when he was the gaffer of Liverpool.

6 Min: IBTimes - To football now, Berbatov drops in behind the mid field and his through pass to Hernandez looked good. But the Mexican had drifted offside.

8 Min: IBTimes - Ferdinand complaining after he tracked Agbonlahore's run well, caught up with ball, but was bundled over by Agbonlahore from behind. Ref didn't seem to think it was a foul.

9 Min: IBTimes - United trying to settle in but the youthful 'Villains' keep threatening with their pace on the break.

13 Min: IBTimes - Nani's back-heel catches Warnock on the head. Ouch, i cried. That looked bad. But Warnock is a tough lad, and he is back on the pitch.

17 Min: IBTimes - A loose pass from Bannan didn't reach Warnock as it went out for a throw. United took the opportunity, passed around the Villa D till Nani tried to curl one in from the right, but it sailed high. First shot of the game, that was.

20 Min: IBTimes - Close call for United. Great ball from Bannan from the center of the park finds Downing behind the United defence. But it is bundled out for a corner, and the set play comes to nothing. That is where Villa is dangerous. Bannan is definitely a talent to look forward to.

21 Min: IBTimes - Villa seeing more of the ball, as Albrighton tease Evra, gets past him and crosses to no one in particular. Good cross but no one to meet it. At the other end, Berbatov narrowly misses as United counter and Hernandez threads through for the Bulgarian. He attempts a near-post shot, but it's wide. The game is opening up, and it looks good!

23 Min: IBTimes - Bannan finds himself the first to be carded. A good card to take, as Hernandez had broken free. Bannan's trip saved a goal probably, at the cost of a yellow card.

26 Min: IBTimes - Good play from Park draws a foul from Bannan. Dangerous position wide right, as Vidic makes his way up. And that was a chance. Floated in near post, Brown touches it first time, but it goes wide. Where was Villa's marking? They have to be careful.

28 Min: IBTimes - Villa corner after Albrighton's cross was cleared. Ashley Young swung it towards the on-rushing Dunne. It is cleared however, only to be floated back in, this time Collins jumps but Van der Sar's hands clears it. Villa's expanding and putting pressure on United.

32 Min: IBTimes - It is end to end stuff here. United passed around in the Villa half but found themselves blocked off by young Hogg. Warnock then lifts it long to Agbonlahore who rushes to the goal, but finds the ball taken away with a well timed tackle by Ferdinand.

33 Min: IBTimes - United have a free kick wide right, to be taken by Nani. Disappointing delivery though, as it finds first man Stuart Downing who clears easily.

34 Min: IBTimes - Half an hour into the game, and still no goals.

35 Min: IBTimes - A long ball in from defence finds Ashley Young right outside the United box. Young controls it before lashing a half volley near post, but Van der Sar had that covered all the way.

36 Min: IBTimes - United have another free kick in a good position, slightly left of the center 40 yards out. Cleverly taken free kick, as Evra rushes through the left to meet Nani's ground ball. Evra flashes it across goal, but there is no United player to meet it.

40 Min: IBTimes - Now United trying to pass their way through the Villa defence. Park and Berbatov are clearly on different wavelengths as Berbatov tries to shoot off Parks leg. Comes to nothing.

42 Min: IBTimes - Controversy here, as Evra lies in pain after a collision with Collins. Hernandez finds himself with the ball wide left, and the flag was raised for offside. Luke Young though seemed oblivious to this, as he rushes to Hernandez as the Mexican still hadn't played it out of touch. An argument ensues but it is eventually calmed down by the peace-making players!

45 Min: IBTimes - Now United teasing Villa with some beautiful one-touch passes. However, Nani gets clobbered after Warnock takes advantage of his loose first touch, with a sliding tackle. Good aggression there from Warnock.

48 Min: IBTimes - Downing finds himself with the ball down the left and rushes towards goal. But he takes a couple of touches too many and Ferdinand could block his cross, deflecting it off for a corner. Taken short, Villa pass it around the United area before Downing strikes a lay-off. It's deflected and it just misses goal. Another corner but this time Van der Sar gathers.

49 Min: IBTimes -Two minutes signaled for injury time.

52 Min: IBTimes - Villa have a corner right at the end of the first half. Dunne meets it, but it goes wide. Would have been a good time to score. But that's probably the last action of the first half. And yes, the ref blows the whistle for half-time.

Half-time - Villa 0 - 0 United.

IBTimes - Wrap - It was an entertaining first half. Both teams looked good, and Villa's young side gained in confidence as the half progressed. No real chance on goal, for either side. But it is definitely an entertaining affair. The second half could see some goals. It's time for a break now. Will get back to the keyboard in 15. Time for a cuppa!

66 Min: IBTimes - And we're back. Players back on the pitch. All that remains is the ref's whistle. And there that goes as well.

67 Min: IBTimes - Villa kick-off.

69 Min: IBTimes - Marc Albrighton wins the ball of Park near the half way line, and rushes through playing a one-two with Young. But his shot is blocked and it goes out for a throw.

72 Min: IBTimes - United seems to have moved up a gear in this second half. With instruction from Sir Alex still ringing in their ears, they are attacking in numbers pressuring Villa high up the field. They have to be careful of counters though.

74 Min: IBTimes - The second half bursts into excitement. A loose ball from Vidic inside his own half is a perfect lay-off for Albrighton. The youngster lashes in a shot but it's wide. He seems to think Van der Sar got a touch, even though he didn't.

77 Min: IBTimes - Park finds the ball down the United left and delivers, but Friedel gathers. An example of good goalkeeping, as he releases Warnock quickly down the left. Albrighton racing in from the right finds Warnock's stunning cross. His header though lacks accuracy, and it goes wide. That was the best chance either team has had so far in the game.

80 Min: IBTimes - Now United passing around. Villa have looked good, specially Marc Albrighton, who has been outstanding so far this season. Villa's injuries are probably a blessing in disguise as these young gems has their chance to bloom.

82 Min: IBTimes - Park delivers from the right, and Warnock rushes in to deflect it for a corner. Nani takes it, Vidic shoots when it lands to him. But it's well blocked by a Villa body.

United have a free kick in a dangerous position here. 25 yards from goal. Nani to take.

85 Min: IBTimes - Straight to the wall. However, there are tackles bursting all around the field. Nani gets clobbered wide left by Warnock who burst away from the wall to block him. At this side of the field, Albrighton clearance is shortly followed by Hernandez's lunge. The Mexican gets yellow carded.

86 Min: IBTimes - Fletcher seems to have some blood on his cheeks after a collision from the previous corner.

89 Min: IBTimes - Ohh!! Collins hit the cross bar with a header off a cross from Bannan. That was close.

91 Min: IBTimes - United are really stretched here! Young picks the ball 40 yards out, moves in and picks Agbonlahore's run. Gabby is tackled but Young picks the ball and shoots, but it goes off the near post. United are barely hanging on here. Villa have just burst into energy.

93 Min: IBTimes - Penalty for Villa!!!

94 Min: IBTimes - Ashley Young release Agbonlahore down the right and Young offers the run down the middle. But Young is bundled over from behind by Brown. Ref points straight to the spot.

Young to take.

1-0 Villa!!! Ashley Young!

95 Min: IBTimes - As Young runs off to celebrate with the crowd, one can reflect on that penalty. Shot with power to the right of Van der Sar, as the Dutchman dives the wrong way. A thoroughly deserved victory.

By Victory, i meant for the Youthful side.

95 Min: IBTimes - By Victory, i meant for the Youthful side.

97 Min: IBTimes - 2-0 Villa!!! Albrighton!

100 Min: IBTimes - Macheda loses the ball deep and Villa counter with Young racing down the left. He slips through for Downing who spots Albrighton run near the far post. A perfectly weighted ball later, Albrighton has the easy job of tapping in. What a game! Unbelievable events at Villa park. Ferguson cannot fathom it. Yet.

Villa Substitution - Agbonlahore Out, Delfounso In.

102 Min: IBTimes - Now United attack, with a determined Macheda, who spreads wide right for Park. The cross results in a corner. The set piece lands to Ferdinand at the far post, but what a reaction save that was from Friedel. United in a hurry here, as they win another corner.

102 Min: IBTimes - Goal! 2-1 United! Macheda!

104 Min: IBTimes - What a goal!! This isn't over yet! A good deceiving back flick is picked up by Macheda 20 yards out and he just thunders it into the top right corner. Beautiful goal!

105 Min: IBTimes - Downing cuts in from the left now!! He escapes the defender and shoots in with his weaker right foot. But it skims off the cross-bar and out. What

What a second half this has been!

106 Min: IBTimes - Now United attacking with all guns blazing. It'll be hard on the young Villains if United get back. But with United, you can never say. It is something of their trademark, those comeback victories.

107 Min: IBTimes - GOAL! 2-2 United!

108 Min: IBTimes - Vidic grabs the equalizer. Nani, who has been putting in horrible balls all through, decides to cross an absolute peach for Vidic. The Serbian dives in, head first, and equalizes. 2-2 United! They might even go on and win this, the game is far from over.

109 Min: IBTimes - Now United have a free kick after Nani gets tumbled over by Albrighton down the left. The free kick is whipped in but Friedel gathers.

110 Min: IBTimes - Villa Substitution - Albrighton Out, Lichaj In.

112 Min: IBTimes - Villa Substitution - Hogg Out, Herd In.

Stoppage time signaled - 5 minutes.

1114 Min: IBTimes - Obertan's good work almost came out well for Untied as he rushed in to shoot, but was tipped away for a corner by Friedel.

116 Min: IBTimes - United doing all the attacking here. Villa did have a chance to counter, but Delfounso's ball had too much in it and it goes out. United start off in lightening speed and wins a corner at the other end after Obertan's shot goes out off a defender.

Friedel punches it out. Barely a minute remaining.

117 Min: IBTimes - What a time for a corner. Downing wide left gets a corner. Possibly the last action of the game.

118 Min: IBTimes - And it is. What a football match. Villa 2-2 United!

IBTimes - Wrap - That was the most exciting last 20 minutes the premiership has seen so far. 4 goals in 13 minutes. Villa did brilliantly and would have thought they had the game when Albrighton gave them a two goal cushion. But you can just never write off United. Two quick goals and it's 2-2. For Villa, it is probably mixed emotions - on one hand they let go off a two goal lead, on the other, their youngsters more than matched United all over the field. They still have a long way to go, but those young Villains are going places. United will heave a sigh of relief after getting a point, but they won't be happy with themselves. That is their 6th draw of the season so far. For a neutral though, it was a perfect game. That's it from us at IBTimes. Do visit our website - - for the latest news and updates, Also tune into our coverage of Everton VS Arsenal tomorrow. Till then, cheers everyone!

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