A doctor in Pakistan accidentally decapitated a baby during delivery. In this photo, a feet of a newborn baby is seen in Teknaf, Bangladesh, Oct. 25, 2017. Reuters/Hannah McKay

A female doctor in Pakistan accidentally decapitated a baby during delivery, leaving the body of the child inside the mother's womb Wednesday. The disturbing incident took place at a private clinic in the city of Quetta, 600 miles southwest of capital Islamabad.

Abdul Nasir, the father of the unborn child told local media the clinic asked him to take the woman to the Civil Hospital where could undergo a surgery to remove the baby's maimed body from the womb. Nasir reportedly said the clinic's staff also refused to give a medical report to him. The woman later underwent a surgery at the Civil Hospital to get the baby removed.

The dejected father reportedly approached the Quetta Press Club to file a complaint against the doctor, identified as Alia Naz Taran — believed to be also working as the deputy district health officer. Nasir also reached out to the chief justice of Pakistan, governor and chief minister of Balochistan demanding justice for the negligent act.

In his statement to local media, Nasir said the doctor ripped apart the head and body of the newborn during the normal delivery. He is now seeking justice for his loss.

This is not the first time an incident took place where a doctor decapitated a baby during delivery.

Vaishnavy Vilvanathan Laxman, a consultant gynecologist in Dundee, Scotland, decapitated an unborn baby while carrying out a normal delivery of a 30-year-old patient. The delivery was conducted when she failed to perform an emergency caesarean section.

A Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, England, said in June that Laxman forced the patient to push out her baby the normal way even though she knew the baby was feet first in the breech position with a prolapsed cord and low heart rate. The panel determined this was a grave error in judgment on the doctor’s part.