Although the world's focus has shifted from the Middle East turmoil to the devastation caused by Japan earthquake and tsunami, Bahrain is still on the boil. As dissidents continue to agitate against the government, military troops and security forces have been deployed to suppress the never-dying protests on Wednesday, after clashes erupted eliciting an imposition of an emergency rule on Tuesday.

At Manama's Pearl Square, the symbolic heart of the uprising in the Gulf kingdom, riot police fired tear gas to muzzle the protests and clear the Square.

Large scale protests broke out against Bahrain's Sunni monarchy last month as part of the wave of protests sparked off by the successful Tunisian 'Jasmine' revolution and the consequent Egyptian revolt. The country's majority Shiite Muslims are leading the campaign.

Soldiers from other Gulf nations have been dispatched to help the Bahrain government put an end to the protests.

On Tuesday, the King declared a three-month state of emergency and instructed the military to battle unrest in the violence-torn nation.

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