• Barcelona's Quique Setien has been surrounded by several rumors about his relationship with the team
  • It is anticipated that Barcelona legend Xavi will be a future manager of the club
  • Xavi suited up for a total of 767 appearances for Barcelona 

It has been a rough stretch for Barcelona with the abundance of rumors regarding the coaching staff and the overall state of the club. Despite all of these, the organization’s president Josep Maria Bartomeu mentioned that the club has Xavi lined up as a future manager but is focused on fulfilling Setien’s contract at the interim.

The team is currently second in the La Liga standings with Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid steadily at number one with 80 points. While Barcelona isn’t too far behind with 79 points, there have been several issues that were brought up within the team. Per, there have been reports that Setien is not seen as a long-term figure for the team.

The upcoming manager of the club is expected to be Barcelona legend Xavi who has made quite a career for himself with the team. As a player, he suited up for a total of 767 appearances for Barcelona and has tallied 85 goals. To add to these, he has displayed his cerebral approach to the game by setting up his teammates for scoring opportunities. The four-time Champions League winner has accumulated 184 assists in his Barcelona career.

"Xavi will be Barca's coach, sooner or later. But right now we are not looking for a coach, we are with Quique," Bartomeu said.

“Quique Setien will coach the team in the Champions League and these last two Liga games that are left,” Bartomeu added.

The circumstances now involve Barcelona to fulfill their obligation with Setien. While talk has been prominent about Xavi’s return, the club still wants to complete the agreement they have with Setien.

"Our will is to fulfill contracts and Setien has one. We went to Setien's house to speak about the future, the plans for next season. He will probably be there and I am very interested to hear what he thinks,” Bartomeu shared.

It will be interesting to see how Barcelona moves forward with everything that has been happening to the team. Having someone like Xavi who has a deep connection with the organization may help enrich the players in new ways. The team would have to wait and see how the development of the club pans out in the future.

Quique Setien left Real Betis at the end of last season Quique Setien left Real Betis at the end of last season Photo: AFP / DAMIEN MEYER