• Barcelona wants Eric Garcia back in Camp Nou
  • Pep Guardiola is open for negotiations with Barcelona involving Garcia
  • Guardiola said he wants Garcia at Manchester City for many more years

3Pep Guardiola is opening his phone lines for Barcelona as the Manchester City manager said he is willing to entertain talks involving his 19-year-old prodigy Eric Garcia. But despite the lenient approach, Guardiola wants to temper the expectations from his former squad, informing the Spanish club that Man City also wants to keep Garcia for a longer run.

“Eric has another year on his contract. If Barça wants him they need to call (us). But we are going to try to convince him (to stay) because we want him here for many years,” Guardiola said, via a report from Diario Sport.

According to the same report, the Catalans have informed the City of their interest in Garcia. Meanwhile, Guardiola, who used to play with and manage the Catalans for most of his career, said that although he wants his promising defender to stay, he recognizes that such decision is beyond his control, especially if Garcia indeed decides to make a jump over to the La Liga giants.

“We want him to stay. But if he decides he doesn't want to, there isn't anything we can do. The player, his agent, and his family all know that we believe in him," Guardiola said.

With his outstanding showing this season for the English club, Garcia has become one of the known talents eyed by Barca for next season. Credit goes to Guardiola and his belief on the rising center back, the youngster has been able to repay the opportunity by flaunting his budding arsenal for the City.

A successful transfer deal with the Blaugrana would mean Garcia is bound for a homecoming. Prior to his move to the English club in 2017, Garcia had first represented Barcelona from 2008 to 2017 as he suited up for the Spanish club’s youth team.

Garcia’s contract with Manchester City is set to expire in 2021 but had initially been a subject to an extension until the interest from Barca appeared to have impeded the development, despite Guardiola going out of his way to show that he has full trust on the Spanish footballer’s game.

Pep Guardiola says he has to earn a new Manchester City contract
Pep Guardiola says he has to earn a new Manchester City contract AFP / Denis LOVROVIC