For some Super Bowl viewers the best part about game day is the commercials. From Budweiser’s Clydesdales to Carl Jr.’s burger-eating bombshells, these unforgettable ads have left their mark on Super Bowl history. Here are the 10 best Super Bowl commercials of all time:

1. In this classic 60-second ad, 9-year-old Tommy Okon shares his Coco-Cola with Pittsburgh Steelers star “Mean Joe” Greene. The commercial aired during the Super Bowl in 1980 and it was a good game for Greene’s team, as the Steelers easily beat the Los Angeles Rams.


2. This iconic commercial was a nod to the George Orwell novel “1984” and the world’s introduction to the Apple McIntosh computer. It aired nationally only once, during the third quarter of the Super Bowl in 1984 when the Los Angeles Raiders pummeled the Washington Redskins. The ad was directed by Ridley Scott, who went on to direct a number of award-winning films, including "Thelma & Louise," "Gladiator" and "Black Hawk Down," among others.


3. These two young boys just can’t take their eyes off the redesigned Pepsi can, which also happened to be held by supermodel Cindy Crawford. This ad first ran during the 1992 Super Bowl, when the Buffalo Bills lost to the Washington Redskins.


4. A Coca-Cola delivery man is caught red-handed cheating with Pepsi in this 1996 commercial, which aired during that year’s Super Bowl when the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Dallas Cowboys.


5. This commercial was Budweiser’s original tribute to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. It aired just once, during the 2002 Super Bowl when the New England Patriots defeated the St. Louis Rams. The ad was remade in 2011 in honor of the 10th anniversary of the attacks.


6. E-Trade’s now-infamous talking baby ads debuted at the Super Bowl in 2007, when the Chicago Bears lost to the Indianapolis Colts.


7. Hank the Clydesdale misses the cut for the Budweiser team. But after training to music from the movie “Rocky,” he finally makes it a year later and high-fives his Dalmatian coach. The commercial aired during the Super Bowl in 2008, when the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in a close match.


8. Super Bowl viewers loved this Snickers commercial featuring actress Betty White, who gets tackled while playing football. The ad aired during the 2010 game when the New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts and earned their first Super Bowl the title.


9. The most shared Super Bowl commercial of all time stars a little Darth Vader, who tries using “the Force” on the keyless ignition Volkswagen Passat. The ad aired during the 2011 Super Bowl, when the Green Bay Packers won against the Pittsburgh Steelers.


10. Fast food chain Carl’s Jr. is notorious for its racy, sexualized ads staring the likes of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton. Its commercial for the 2015 Super Bowl, when the Seattle Seahawks lost to the New England Patriots, was deemed one of the most risqué to date. The ad stars model Charlotte McKinney, who appears to be in her birthday suit walking through a market as she takes a bite of a cheeseburger.