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(From L-R): Big E, WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods backstage at a WWE SmackDown show. WWE


  • Big E bares that his neck is is still quite a ways away from being fully healed
  • "It's just a complicated fracture," he says
  • An in-ring return has not been ruled out, but it is still possible

WWE superstar Big E has been out of action since March 2022 after fracturing his neck due to an overhead belly-to-belly suplex gone wrong, and his return to action is being eagerly looked forward to by fans.

Speaking on the Battleground Podcast, Big E talked about his progress.

"Yeah, it's just a complicated fracture. I broke my C1 and C2 in two places. A Jefferson fracture is what it's called. It just takes a little more time to heal. We just did the one-year scans after WrestleMania. It was a little later because of WrestleMania," Big E said.

"We need to sit down with the doctors at some point and figure out what the next step is, but from my perspective, I feel great. I have no functional issues, [and] no pain issues. I've been in the gym for two weeks after I broke my neck. I'm feeling great."

Such news is welcome for the former WWE Champion since the way he sustained the injury had fans extremely worried – not just for his career, but his life in general.

Many pro wrestlers' careers were cut short due to neck injuries with names such as Edge, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Paige having been forced to the sidelines for an extended amount of time.

However, all four would go on to return to action later on, though there is still that worry from fans that a second neck injury may happen at any time during their return.

In an appearance with Busted Open Radio in March, Big E gave a more in-depth look at his injury which miraculously did not need surgery, though the bones have yet to ossify – meaning that it has not turned into bone completely yet.

"It's healing fibrously, meaning it's connected enough that I can walk around and no one's concerned that I'm going to be in any kind of pain or have any issues. But it's just not ossifying yet, it's not turning completely into bone," he said at the time.

"And to deal with the rigors of bumping and doing what we do on a nightly basis, obviously, you want to make sure your C1 is completely ossified, that it's all bone, that it's in the best shape possible."

While many other pro wrestling stars were able to return from the injury, Big E is approaching the situation with caution and it might spell the end of his career.

He was quoted in July of last year to be at peace if it meant that he would no longer be able to compete since he has spent the past 13 years inside the squared circle.

Should it come to pass, The New Day trio of him, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods will have a massive dynamic shift both onscreen and behind the scenes.

WWE can opt to still have him in a non-wrestling capacity during their programming with Big E serving as a manager to Kingston and Woods during their matches, leaning instead heavily on his mic skills rather than being a dominant powerhouse.

Big E still appears to be a long way away from getting back in the squared circle, and as it has been the case in such sensitive injuries, only time will tell whether he does return to action.

Big E, Bobby Lashley, Kofi Kingston
From L-R: Bobby Lashley, Big E, Kofi Kingston. WWE