In the past week Bobby Petrino's personal life has unraveled.

As many as three women in the former Arkansas head coach's life have found their way into the spotlight: his wife Becky Petrino, a 25-year-old former Arkansas athlete Jessica Dorrell and a 26-year-old bikini model and GOP staffer Alison Melder.

His wife Becky, who he met in college in Montana, is the mother of his two sons and two daughters. Becky has not made any public statements since the scandal began and has not appeared in public with her husband, which is something she often did before the recent developments.

Dorrell is a former member of the women's volleyball team at the University of Arkansas, who has served as a fundraiser for the athletic department since she graduated in 2007. She recently got a job as the student-athlete development coordinator for the football team.

Petrino exchanged over 4300 text messages and 300 phone calls with Dorrell over a six month period and he has acknowledged having an inappropriate relationship with her.

Dorrell has not made any public statements since she was involved in the motorcycle crash that brought Petrino's infidelity to light.

Melder's relationship with the coach is less clear. They exchanged more than 200 text messages over a three-month period, but did not speak on the telephone.

She is a former bikini model who is now a staffer for the Arkansas Republican Party working with the state senate. No one is certain what the relationship between Melder and Petrino is, but he is not registered as a member of the Republican Party and she was never a student at the University.