Many new details about the relationship between Bobby Petrino and Jessica Dorrell emerged today when notes taken during Arkansas Athletic Director Kevin Long's investigation of Petrino became public.

His notes, along with notes from Assistant Athletic Director Jon Fagg were released as part of a Freedom of Information Act request made by the Associated Press. The notes cover interviews of Petrino, his assistant and other Athletic Department employees.

According to details in the notes, Petrino and Dorrell's relationship began with a kiss over lunch in September 2011, but Petrino claimed the relationship ended in February because the 25-year-old wanted to apply for a job working for him and he wanted her to earn it.

She got that job on March 28, but has resigned in the wake of the scandal brought on by the motorcycle crash that brought their relationship to light.

Petrino's version of their relationship doesn't seem to tally with the telephone records obtained by the AP however. The records indicate 326 phone calls and 7228 text messages between the pair that date to April of 2011.

Also, if the relationship ended in February, why was she out joyriding on his motorcycle with him? That question appears in Long's notes, but no answer is given.

According to the notes they were actually intimate only four to six times the last one being around signing day on February 1. Petrino told Long that she approached him. Thought she would be good. Understood that they would definitely have to stop.

Petrino was eventually fired last week for failing to disclose the relationship and giving her $20,000 and the job, all of which open the school to a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Dorrell resigned with a $14,000 severance package from the university last week.