Brett Lawrie
Brett Lawrie being held back on Tuesday night. REUTERS

Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie could be facing a lengthy suspension after hitting an umpire with his helmet.

Lawrie slammed down his helmet after being ejected in the ninth inning and the helmet bounced off the ground and hit umpire Bill Miller in the hip. After the game, Lawrie insisted that he didn't intentionally hit Miller with his helmet, but he'll still likely face a multi-game suspension.

That was not my intention at all, Lawrie told reporters. I've never, ever done anything to go at an umpire before in my life, and I didn't mean to tonight. I apologize for that.

It's just my passion for the game, he said. I wanted to help my teammates out as best I could. That's the pride I have in this game. I leave my emotions out on the field.

Miller had ejected Lawrie for arguing strikes after the Blue Jay thought he had a walk on two separate occasions. Lawrie thought he earned a walk on pitches at 3-1 and 3-2, but struck out with a full count. He immediately reacted strongly to Miller's strike out call and later had to be restrained by manager John Farrell.

The bat was taken completely out of Brett's hands, not only the 3-1 pitch but the 3-2 pitch as well, Farrell said. Those are not strikes.

Miller, who was hit by drinks as he left the field after the game, told reporters that he immediately filed a report with baseball league officials about the incident and described it to reporters as Upon seeing that he was ejected, he took several steps toward me and fired his helmet.