The injury of San Francisco Giants star catcher Buster Posey has many people debating whether or not the reigning NL Rookie of the Year should change quit being a catcher and change positions when he returns next season.

Posey himself has said he is 100 percent going to be a major league catcher. Giants' manager Bruce Bochy also said they Giants aren't considering moving the injured star.

Posey's value as a catcher to the Giants is immense. He is an offensive force in the lineup at the catcher position, hitting cleanup which is rare. Most catchers are brought in for their defense and hit seventh or eighth, but a Posey allows the Giants to be flexible at other positions.

In addition, he controls the bases well with his arm and is a great at managing the pitching staff.

In sparking the Giants to a World Series last year, Posey showed that he could be one of the best all time at the catcher position. In fact, Posey could be as valuable to the Giants as Johnny Bench was to the Cincinnati Reds in their World Series wins in the 1970s with the Big Red Machine.

Bench also won Rookie of the Year and helped the Reds begin their dominance. He was a 14-time all star and two time MVP and part of the Reds teams that won six division titles, four NL pennants, and two World Series.

He was considered one of the best all time baseball players to play the game, certainly the best catcher, both offensively and defensively.

As Posey considers whether or not he should move, an important thing to consider is his legacy. At any other position except catcher, Posey would just be a really good bat in the lineup, perhaps be a consistent all-star, and if he has a long career, be considered for the Hall of Fame.

But as a catcher, like Bench, Posey could be considered one of the all-time best players. He might even have a chance to be better than Bench.

It is a nice thought to want to protect Posey and his bat in the lineup. But Posey's value as a catcher could help the Giants to a build a dynasty.

In fact, Posey's injury might just be the wake-up call that the Giants and Posey need to understand his value.

The Giants should endeavor to give the catcher more rest throughout the season and perhaps take more precaution with the fouls off the mask and concussion issues that never arose because of his injury.

Posey should also protect himself more from the types of plays that got him injured and any other plays that may carry that kind of risk. Even if it's a close game, one game shouldn't mean the season.

And in Posey's case, one game shouldn't derail him from being one of the all-time greats in baseball.