• Kevin Love is finally showing the way for the Cavaliers after years of struggling
  • The Cavs are succeeding even without having to spend huge on overpriced superstars
  • Love is surrounded by the right pieces to help the Cavs win another NBA title

Through the years since the departure of LeBron James, Kevin Love was seen as the new star player for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Unfortunately, it took the five-time All-Star to get used to the new role as it was pretty big shoes to fill.

Regardless, Love has weathered adversity and is now showing he is worth the Cavs’ $120 million investment back in 2020.

Although it took him about two years to show his worth, the important thing is that Cleveland is rolling.

The important thing is that the Cavs, despite not being given much of a chance, are surprising critics with their performance this season.

One of those hailing their success is a former player of the Cavs, David Magley.

Magley weighed in on the Cavs success this season and lauded the organization for keeping it together when he spoke to Filipino journalist Brian Yalung of Sports Bytes PH.

“Everyone in the Cavs is doing an amazing job. I mean, they’ve got everybody buying in. Anyone you bring into that organization has to buy into what they are doing and every there’s someone else that’s fun to watch on the highlights and scores in buckets,” Magley stated.

Magley also singled out Love for his transformation as the 33-year-old has been leading the team made up of young players, a glimpse of what he did when he was still with the Minnesota Timberwolves from 2008 to 2014.

“I think Kevin Love is having quietly one of his best years, not necessarily statistically but leadership. First, off the bench, you know, he has really come into his own, owning that team and winning. He owned the team in Minnesota but they didn’t win. And then he went to the Cavs and that was LeBron’s [James] team,” the ex-NBA player pointed out.

“Now, it’s becoming Love’s team and he’s got some great athletic pieces with them. I think they have done as good a job as you can without the megastars. I mean the rest of the world’s got to take note to go wait a minute, we can build a playoff-caliber team without paying the highest-priced guys to come in every year. That’s a good look, they are doing a whale of a job,” he continued.

After years of going through adversity that included suggested trade rumors, Love has finally settled down.

His next job right now is to help the Cavs go deep in the coming playoffs and hopefully help them win another NBA crown.

Kevin Love
Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers looks on during the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Oct. 19, 2018. Hannah Foslien/Getty Images