Liverpool FC Manager Jurgen Klopp admitted that he did not enjoy the game but he enjoyed the result after his side defeated hosts Genk 4-1 in UEFA Champions League on Wednesday night.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain put the tourists 1-0 up within two minutes of the start and he added a second goal in the second half before goals from Sadia Mane and Mohamed Salah. After winning an away group stage match in the UCL in nearly two years, Klopp suggested that his boys showed maturity when they were not at their best once again.

"There were good moments. The start was brilliant, we were kind of fluent and asked them a lot of questions but then we started - I'm not sure why - to lose patience and some easy balls. But all four goals were brilliant and we had chances to score more. Job done."

"In the years before we would have drawn it, maybe even lost, but all is OK. It was intense, we needed concentration. Our opponent brought in their tallest player and they did well from the first and second balls," the German manager added.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain celebrates after scoring Liverpool's opener
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain celebrates after scoring Liverpool's opener AFP / François WALSCHAERTS

"We played with speculation when do we really need to go there? Then they won the second balls. So I didn't enjoy the game too much, but I enjoyed the result. The was the plan obviously, and it worked for 10 or 15 minutes OK and then not anymore because we lost completely unexpected balls and sometimes we took in the wrong moment a risk," Klopp told media during a post-match interview Wednesday night.

However, the 52-year-old manager acknowledged the goalscorers with a special mention to Oxlade-Chamberlain's second strike, which according to Klopp "was a proper knock for Genk."

"All our goals were unbelievably beautiful and the second was like it was a proper knock for Genk it looked like. So we scored a third and fourth and then conceded one which is not cool, but it's not for us the biggest problem in the world. We won the game, job done, that's it," Klopp said.

Appreciating the young midfielder's efforts, Klopp added," His [Oxlade-Chamberlain] goals were brilliant and very important. We're really pleased for him, it was a big step."