• Lampard is not taking Pulisic for granted
  • Lampard believes the approach he's using is the right one
  • Pulisic is working self way back to shape

Christian Pulisic’s value to Chelsea FC is unquestionable, regardless of what people like RB Salzburg coach Jesse Marsch say about how manager Frank Lampard utilizes the 22-year-old winger.

Lampard shot down allegations that he does not fully trust Pulisic. Marsch had the impression that the Blues coach had doubted the capacity of the American because of his nationality.

Both managers had the chance to chat, with Lampard telling one of the most successful American coaches that Pulisic still had a lot to learn, Sky Sports reported.

“He’s recounted the conversation wrong. We played Salzburg and Christian scored two goals. Jesse came up to me and said what a talented player Christian was, which I knew. I spoke about the fact that equally, it was so exciting to see how he would develop for us. Jesse managed to put it across slightly differently,” Lampard said.

For Lampard, giving Pulisic the time to settle in England was the right call. Despite the comments of Marsch, the USA captain remains a vital piece for the Blues with the English mentor believing his comments were taken out of context.

On the matter of looking at nationality, Lampard explained that he would never underestimate the desire of American footballers to learn more about the game.

“I played in America for 18 months and I would never underestimate the desire that [US] football players have to understand the technical side of the game. When you have that, which Christian has, and you have incredible talent, it was never in doubt for me,” he stated.

Pulisic has proven to be an outstanding recruit for Chelsea since coming on board in July 2019. In his debut, the 22-year-old scored nine goals and four assists in 25 Premier League starts, ESPN reported.

Lampard looking out for Pulisic is understandable at this point as the American footballer is slowly trying to get his groove back following a hamstring injury he suffered during the FA Cup Final loss to Arsenal in August.

Moreover, he suffered a bit of a setback too when he was trying to get back into shape against Brighton.

Christian Pulisic inspired Chelsea to victory at Crystal Palace
Christian Pulisic inspired Chelsea to victory at Crystal Palace POOL / JUSTIN TALLIS