• Changes in the striker's position pay dividends for Chelsea
  • Werner welcomes new responsibility and lauds Jorginho's professionalism
  • Blues penalty striker is a big change that could help them in future matches

When Chelsea FC took in Timo Werner earlier this year, there were high expectations. Frank Lampard had many plans for the German striker.

He was expected to score points on the field. It seems more is expected from him after being tasked to take over from Jorginho as the club’s designated penalty striker.

“I think when you want to score 20 or more goals, then you have to take a few penalties in the season. That’s the thing that gives strikers the goals when you are at the high levels,” Werner stated via BT Sport after being told before the game that he was on penalties.

The move may have caught some by surprise. But according to Lampard, it was a change he felt was necessary after the Brazilian missed a couple of penalties recently.

Jorginho accepted the decision with Lampard saying that he was pretty professional about the change.

"I spoke to Jorginho first because he's been brilliant at taking penalties," the coach said in the post-match interview via Goal. "It's more missing a couple recently that I felt it was time to change. Jorgi's answer was as professional as I'd expect. He only wants to score them but he was fine with that."

The way Jorginho accepted everything also drew the admiration of Werner. He believes it is a good sign that the Blues are aligned into moving in one direction.

"I’m happy Jorgi is cool with that and I think it’s another point that speaks for our team, we have no selfish players, and we want to go in one direction," Werner said.

The move of Lampard paid off handsomely for Chelsea in their match against Rennes. The German accounted for two penalties, goals that counted for the 3-0 win in the UEFA Champions League.

“I think we had a very good game today, we played very well. I think both penalties were right, so we go 2-0 in the first half," Werner explained.

Though the changes in designated strikers may have surprised everyone, it was another move by Lampard that has proven effective.

Things are looking good for the Blues who are determined to go win as many games as they can with their current crop.

Timo Werner scored twice for Chelsea against Southampton
Timo Werner scored twice for Chelsea against Southampton POOL / Mike Hewitt