Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro continues to ignore warnings about the coronavirus, as the virus spreads across the country. There are at least 1,980 confirmed cases of the virus in Brazil, with the death toll at 34.

Bolsonaro has called the virus “a little flu” and said the pandemic is a “fantasy.” Bolsonaro has refused to close non-essential businesses to prevent the spread of the virus and attacked the governors of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro states for implementing shutdown orders.

“The people will soon see that they were tricked by these governors and by the large part of the media when it comes to coronavirus,” Bolsonaro said in a television interview late Sunday.

Bolsonaro waited until March 17 to declare a national emergency, which was deemed necessary to procure funding for testing kits.

Brazilians angry over Bolsonaro’s lack of response have been banging pots and pans on their balconies in an act of protest.

A study by polling firm Datafolha on Monday revealed that only 34% of Brazilians thought Bolsonaro’s job performance was “great” or “good.”

“It is a shameless campaign, a colossal and absurd campaign against the head of state … They want to force me out however possible,” Bolsonaro said in response to the demonstrations.

Fabio Wajngarten, Bolsonaro’s communications secretary, tested positive for the virus earlier this month. Bolsonaro was also tested but received a negative result.

Bolsonaro has been Brazil’s president since January 2019. He ran a campaign of fighting corruption but has also expressed controversial views, opposing LGBT rights and embracing the country’s former military dictatorship.