• LeBron James served a "Special Taco Tuesday" in Akron, Ohio
  • Around 1,300 were fed in James' hometown
  • James' foundation helped a restaurant affected by the Coronavirus crisis

LeBron James’ Taco Tuesdays had been the fans’ source of entertainment during the NBA offseason last summer. And with the league being on an indefinite hiatus due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar brought back the comic tradition, only that this time, it was served with a deeper and more meaningful purpose.

As the four-time MVP filmed himself with fresh tacos on his table, he made sure his hometown gets its share on the feast. Through the LeBron James Family Foundation, the basketball icon fed about 340 students, including their families, in his I Promise School in Akron, Ohio and aided a restaurant in the city which was miserably hit by the COVID-19 crisis.

More Akron families are expected to have their stomachs filled as the “Special Taco Tuesday” is reportedly happening again next week.

“Call it a special edition of Taco Tuesday, and it will happen again next week, when the foundation delivers even more meals to Akron families connected to James’ I Promise program,” USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt wrote.

The good-hearted cause was an overall joint effort from James, his foundation and the restaurant they chose to help in the city which was more than willing to extend their hands to those in need.

“Wherever they need me, I’m there for them,” said Nick Corpas, the co-owner of Akron Family Restaurant who got a call from James’ foundation last week.

The restaurant was called up since it is located just a block away from St. Vincent-St. Mary - James' high school. And as the report would put it, “It’s a place for Akron’s power players to share a meal.”

The woeful effects of the crisis were felt so bad by the business that Corpas said the call could not come at a more needed time.

“It’s been tough,” he continued. “We’ve been here for 35 years. We’ve got a name for ourselves. We do good business. In the long run, yes, we’ll be fine.”

With the help of his staff, the restaurant was able to produce enough trays that were estimated to feed around 1,300 for dinner.

“It means a lot to me, my parents and my staff as well. We’re able to give them the opportunity to work and allow them to continue to work and help the foundation," added Corpas.

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