The coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, continues to spread across the United States, with at least 2,175 known cases. The U.S. death toll from the outbreak is currently at 51.

The first coronavirus death in New York state was reported on Saturday. An 82-year-old woman in Manhattan with underlying respiratory issues died in a New York City hospital, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. In Florida, there have been three coronavirus-related deaths and the state's number of confirmed cases jumped Saturday from 45 to 70, according to reports.

President Trump declared a national emergency Friday due to the health crisis. The declaration frees up billions of dollars in federal money which can be used to assist states that are battling the outbreak. It will also allow the Federal Emergency Management Agency to take part in the government response. In addition, it would grant broad new powers to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to assist hospitals fighting the virus. 

Trump also announced that his administration would waive interest temporarily on all federal student loans. He also instructed U.S. energy officials to buy oil, which would help the American shale industry. 

The House of Representatives also overwhelmingly passed legislation to help the American economy and workers amid the crisis. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act will ensure sick leave for workers and will help citizens afford coronavirus testing. Trump has also signaled his support for the bill, which will still need to be passed in the Senate. 

The virus has forced state governments across the country to close down schools and universities. Late-night shows, such as "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," along with some TV productions, are also suspended due to the virus. Large gatherings have been canceled in various parts of the country while sports events, such as the NBA and the NCAA tournament, have been suspended.

According to Johns Hopkins University, there are at least 147,838 cases of coronavirus around the world, with the global death toll at 5,539. The virus has spread to 147 countries.